Which picture would you put in a CV

by Volker Weber

juan1_200x150.JPG juan2_200x150.JPG

Which of those pictures would you put in a CV? Yes, this is the same person. Please explain why.


ah, in the US, nobody puts their picture on their "resumé" anyway.... because of discrimination laws etc. Unless traditions have changed... it has been nine years since I looked for a job =-O

Ed Brill, 2003-09-08

I'd pick the foto depending on the company you're appliying for.

Obviously the first picture is quite relaxed, funny. Maybe a bit too extreme in your gestures, you look very expressive and/or expressionistic. Motivated, and still sticking to basic rules (which I draw out of your dresscode). The view in the picture is different from frontal fotos, which underline your 'personal flavor'.

The second picture is suited for more conservative companys, looking for people with more experience. You look very business-like and your hair is very...uhm, plain. Your face looks more aged. The frontal position is very honest, you seem to approach the viewer - whereas in the first picture your face is half-covered by a shadow. Your face is broader, making you look less agile than in the first pic. The reduced colors and the dark dress also give a more professional look.

Fore a general CV, like to be put on a web, I'd pick the first foto. It just looks more trendy, suited to your blog.

$0.02 - hope to be of any help. :)

Garvin Hicking, 2003-09-08

I'd take the one on the right. While the left picture appears to be more energetic, some readers of a CV might consider this as a little too aggressive. The picture on the right displays a friendly, open smile. Can't do much wrong by picking this one.

My not entirely un-solicited 2 cents ...

Wolfgang, 2003-09-08

I'd take neither: they're both very extreme: the left one looks like it was taken at an office party, the right one - looking for words - looks ridiculous, the person appears not to be very smart.

BTW: Time and again, funny to see how people's appearance can change just by changing a little bit here and a little bit there.

Sascha, 2003-09-08

being southerner, I would take the pic from the left. The other one is too serious. And he looks better on the left!;-)
Otherwise, I agree that where I come from we don't really use pics. We like the surprise effect better

Alma, 2003-09-08

Left. It looks somewhat too extreme but it does draw attention to itself. It also looks good. The right one looks like he's saying "I'm underqualified but please give me this job."

Karl, 2003-09-08

I'd also opt for neither. The left one's too extreme (unless the job applied for is entertainer), the right one imho way too much out of the persons' natural style. So I'd rather go for a mix. Take the suit and the friendly look from the right picture while keeping the hair somewhat more like on the left one.

Otoh, having looked at some CVs in my time, if there's no other option, I'd prefer to see the left one on the resumé. More life, whereas the right one has a sense of "I'm boring" ;-) But then, you know I never was the average employer :-)

Stefan Rubner, 2003-09-08

the right one reminds me on this guy at Jackass/MTV ... cool ... i would take this one ... sure :-))

Robert Basic, 2003-09-08

Volker, you are serious about this?

If you want people to look at the CV, pick neither.

Wolfgang Flamme, 2003-09-09

The guy on the left sells Gummibaerchen, and the guy on the right sells vacuum cleaners, door to door. I'd take neither. If you can photoshop, take the grin off the left picture, then you're all set ;-)

Jan-Piet Mens, 2003-09-09

Take this one!

Frank Sturm, 2003-09-09

Take the left one. The right one looks like you might have a ponytail......

Ole Saalmann, 2003-09-09

Lydia kann hier nicht kommentieren. Warum? Keine Ahnung. Aber hier ist ihr Kommentar.

Volker Weber, 2003-09-09

Depends on what job the applicant is looking for...

Leaving that out, I'd probably take the left one although it's not perfect.
The yellow stripe in the background is distracting and as other posters have mentioned, the left half of the face is too dark.

Both issues could be corrected with proper doctoring...

The right pic is just plain dull, not the way that I'd want people to remember ME.

Martin Forisch, 2003-09-11

The pic posted by Frank is fine, except that tie and suit are missing...
...unless 'Julian' is applying as a doorkeeper at a local disco.

Martin Forisch, 2003-09-11

I would pick neither of these pictures as they are not pictures of me. Duh ! Come on Volker... why put the picture of somebody else on my CV ??
(only kidding).

Chris, 2003-09-15


Kev Gian, 2008-12-18

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