Jaguar R-D6

by Volker Weber


I was at the IAA 2003 today. All the various dream cars were there, the Bugatti Veyron, the Mercedes-McLaren SLR, the Porsche GT, the new Lamborghini, the Ferrari Enzo, the Aston Martin DB9 Coupe. So every two years I get to sit in all of them.

But what I always find most inspiring is the showcars. Two years ago, Jaguar had my favorite one. This year they did it again: The Jaguar R-D6. Bigger picture here.


interessanter umbau: wie mach ich aus einem alten mercedes einen slr ;-)

toby, 2003-09-10

After seeing this car I have been absolutely stunned, its wildly unique yet organic lines have produced a car that surpasses anything I have seen. If this car was as attractively priced as it looks say 30-35k I would be first in line. functunality, and true sports car performance from a marque like Jaguar, this car has the potential to be an instant classic. P.S. please make it!!!!

Kyle Ross, 2003-11-04

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