From the I-want-one department

by Volker Weber


The Register reports that Orange may be coming out with the new Treo 600 as early as next week.

I want one.


Any idea when it'll be available for T-D1 and/or pricing? I'd expect that you may have better connections ... ;-)
I agree, it looks scrumptious.

Jan-Piet Mens, 2003-09-11

You want the Treo or the car they're showing on its screen?

Me, I'm just pleased when technology works. Bill's going to the coast of Oregon for two weeks for a SF writing workshop. He's thrilled, but the house in which he's staying has no Internet access and our old cell phone service wasn't covered there.

So we bought:

* a Nokia 3560 cell phone
* T-Mobile access with their Internet option ($10 extra a month for unlimited Internet)
* a Bluetooth mobile gizmo for the iBook

First of all, the phone is tres spiffy. It has more bells and whistles than I knew existed. I said, "Oh cool!" at least a dozen times in the first 12 hours. (Hey, I can look up what movies are playing at the nearby theater right from the cell phone! Now if only I could get, say, Zagat on this thing....)

It took only an hour or two of fiddling on Bill's part to make it work but, golly gee, he really can get his E-mail and surf the Web from the iBook. It's very much like 56kbps speeds but if he was in an ordinary hotel room he'd probably wind up with modem access anyhow. Not to mention stupid $1-per-call hotel surcharges.

We also bought a Canon i70 printer, which is the size of a hardcover book (though a lot lighter). It's surprisingly fast and has good quality -- certainly good enough for spitting out SF short stories. And the ink cartridges are only $12, far better than the "cheaper to replace the printer" options I've seen.

I do SO love it when technology truly does enhance the quality of life.

Esther Schindler, 2003-09-11

Sounds good. Especially since Nokia is well known for not following the BT specs. The 6310 is severely broken in this area.

$10/month for unlimited internet access? I wish T-Mobile would sell this here. Instead they charge us 9 cents for every 10 kByte. Add 9 cents per hour and another 9 cents per day you use the service. For 10 Euro you get 5 MB up front and still pay by the hour.

I should say, they try to charge that. Nobody is buying.

Volker Weber, 2003-09-11

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