9-11 minus 59

by Volker Weber

A day of terror. On September, 11 more than 11000 people died. In a huge firestorm that destroyed almost 78% of the houses in this city. After an attack with 220 planes. 59 years ago. Darmstadt, Germany. Where I live today.


We DO tend to get wrapped up in our own little tragedies over here, don't we?

Tom Duff, 2003-09-12

Every day is a day of terror. It just depends for which perspective. 11 of September is a black day in the history of my region, we lost independence back in 1714. Now we commemorate that defeat and has become our national day.
But who knows what happened on the 10 or the 12? Or any other day for that matter. Human kind is the worst animal on this planet and history if full of examples.
I might just be a bit on the philosophical side today. Sorry

Alma, 2003-09-12

No need to apologize. I posted this as a reminder that 9/11 is often regarded as an exceptionial tragedy. While I do believe that it is a tragedy, it is not as exceptional as many people seem to think.

Volker Weber, 2003-09-12

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