My Stinkpad needs a re-install

by Volker Weber

Windows 2000 on Charlie is now almost two years old. Countless Microsoft patches, service packs, drivers, software installs. It no longer recognizes really simple things like USB memory sticks, my camera and so forth. It has deteriorated so badly that it is crying for a reinstall. Which of course means even more service packs to install, more fixes, and so forth. This looks like at least two days of work.

I might as well just reload the old Windows 98 image that came with it, and then off to eBay. This would be the replacement.


Why not install Linux ? Anyway make a good offer and I maybe interested to buy it :-)

Thorsten Ebers, 2003-09-19

No! For the love of God! Don't revert to Win98! ;-)


My travails continue. The Win98 machine is currently an expensive paperweight until I can muster the strength to start tinkering again...

Ben Poole, 2003-09-19

Even skip installing Linux. Just send it over and I'll do it :-)

Stefan Rubner, 2003-09-19

Hah. Not so fast. Only a few hours work and it recognizes memory keys again. Now if it would not only show the camera in the control panel but also connect to it, that would be neat.

Volker Weber, 2003-09-20

Ah, Windows will be Windows, I guess. We've got an awful Compaq Armada in the university runnig 2000 – it plain sucks. I'm still waiting to see the need for a reinstall on an OS X system for such reasons; I expect to keep on waiting ... ;-)

Good replacement choice!

Christian Bogen, 2003-09-20

Two years? That is an amazing amount of time. I am happy if I can last one year before reinstalling Win2k. Win98 was more like six months. I wonder what I do to them?


P.S.: Just install SP4, it is cumulative and will save you a lot of hassles

Mitch Wolfson, 2003-09-22

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