What a vacation

by Volker Weber


Just returned from a short vacation to München. Been away since Saturday which you may have noticed because there were no updates at all. Well, Usha and Alma were quite popular in the meantime.

What a nice weekend. The sun was out all day and I have quite a tan. We visited Starnberger See, Zugspitze (Germany's highest elevation) and of course Oktoberfest. I am uploading around 140 pictures as I am writing this, some of them quite telling. :-)

After three days out, we ran the third Think Parade show in Unterhaching near München today, the next one will be Thursday in Frankfurt. The return home by car was a lot more stressful than the journey to Hamburg by train. Frankfurt is close to home and next week I will take the plane to Wien and Zürich.

Lots of things have happened while I was away and I am still catching up. Please bear with me while I wade through my e-mail.


...perfektes Timing für euren Ausflug in den Süden der Republik. Fotos sind sehr nett geworden! Viele Grüße.

Frank Sturm, 2003-09-24

Doch, wirklich nette Fotos. Aber daß ausgerechnet die Nummer 47 unscharf sein muß... :-)

Martin Pilo, 2003-09-24

Die Bilder sind herrlich da kann es nur heißen: please don´t disturb slide show is running:-))

Thomas, 2003-09-24

We just had Oktoberfest last weekend in Seattle. Why is Oktoberfest held in September?

Michael, 2003-09-24

FAQ. :-) Oktoberfest ends on the first weekend in October. It was extended over the years to start earlier. It is now a 16 days event.

Volker Weber, 2003-09-24

>We visited Starnberger See

Hmpf... then you've been not more than 10 km away from my place! So a cold beer on my terrace was only one phone call away - maybe next time?

Helmut, 2003-09-24

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