What's your pirate name?

by Esther Schindler

Mine's Captain Ethel Flint.

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And mine would be Black Tom Rackham... ARRRRR!

Tom Duff, 2003-09-25

Captain Roger Kidd

Volker Weber, 2003-09-25

Bloody Sam Rackham

Stefan Rubner, 2003-09-25

Dirty Roger Kidd!

Ben Poole, 2003-09-25

Dirty James Kidd

Markus Nolte, 2003-09-25

Captain Roger Kidd

Volker Kächele, 2003-09-25

Iron Roger Flint


Rock, 2003-09-25

Iron Tom Bonney. Those of ye what makes fun o' the name'll be tossed in the bilge after we shave yer belly wi' a rusty razor ARRRR

Joe Litton, 2003-09-26

my parite name is Calico Bess Kidd!! haha you can't catch me nana booboo!!!!!

Wanda, 2003-10-04

i think the program isn't very good at all... thousands of Rackhams everywhere ;o)

Red Bess Rackham

exiT, 2003-10-16

Hello - my name actually IS Tom Rackham, and i think its cool that you consider it a great pirate name!

Tom Rackham, 2003-11-07

Arr... me name be Captain Mad John Kidd, leader of the Pirates of Caymen Surf. Arr.

Goober, 2003-11-11

captin colum crow at your servis

captin colum crow, 2003-12-19

Captain Jenny Roberts!
Thats is a cool sounding pirate name...
but charity roberts sounds better.

Lily Rivera, 2004-01-12

Here's a freakin funny Pirate Name Generator:


"Pirate Eugene the Infected"


Pirate Pete, 2004-03-09

My name is Tom Rackham too.

Ooh and indeed Arr.

Thomas Rackham, 2006-01-10


Tom Harris, 2006-10-09


Rob Marchhart, 2009-06-24

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