Why you need two keyboards and two mice ...

by Volker Weber

This is rather funny:

We've just had a meeting with an Apple rep. who has informed us that the new Bluetooth Keyboards and Mice are not a build to order option because the Mac first needs to be set up before it can use the Bluetooth devices. And so the chicken and egg scenario is born.

So you need a separate mouse and a keyboard to configure your Mac for a wireless mouse and keyboard.

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BANG ! Aaargh hit my knee !

Steve Jobs, 2003-09-25

Kein Problem mit einem PowerBook und ein Grund mehr, sich ein Notebook zu kaufen – und dazu ein iCurve! :-)

Chris, 2003-09-25

This was also true for USB keyboards and mice, particularly on the PC, for quite a while. Without BIOS support, you can't use them before the OS has loaded.

Eric Hancock, 2003-09-28

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