Brave new IBM software world

by Volker Weber

I have heard this so many times now that I feel the urge to rant about it. Rob Novak has been successful after only 4 attempts to install WebSphere Portal. Another professional was able to do it on his second try. But then he needed another 72 attempts until he was sure he discovered all the flaws in the installation.

Why is this so difficult?

First of all, WebSphere Portal is an application running on top of WebSphere Application Server, which in turn needs a database and a credential source (think LDAP server). You may not have those other things, which actually makes life easier, or you do have them and then have to make all the new things work with them.

Now we look at the Lotus Workplace strategy. One of the early incarnations is the Workplace Messaging platform which actually runs (or is going to run) on top of WebSphere Portal. Are you still with me?

Now let's make an Express version of that. Sigh.


Ich hatte in den letzten beiden Wochen mit IBM und einer Testinstallation zum Thema Portal Server 5.X, Extended Search 4.X (inkl. DB2-Installation) und Single Sign On (mit Domino 5.x als LDAP)zu tun (wir machten die Installation/Konfiguration, IBM-Mitarbeiter Coaching). Obwohl ich aufgrund diverser Infos massive Bendenken hatte:
Alles lief mit der ersten Installation (zugegeben alles auf Windows 2000) und war auch von den Fallstricken durchaus nicht zu komplex (komme aus der "reinen" Domino-Welt). Ich muss sagen: IBM lernt doch.

Wolfgang Haderlein, 2003-09-28

We had to learn the hard way, that the intallation of Portal4 (the installer, not the software!) wouldn't run below 512M RAM, that nobody knows how to configure Domino6 LDAP for Portal4 (and we didn't figure it out either) and.... and ... and...
I think J2EE is great technology (if you provide consultancy services), that beats anything in complexity you ever run before. Given the number of Wizzards IBM packed e.g. into Websphere Studio Application Developer I ask myself, if it would make sense to sign up at Hogwards.
They learn, nevertheless the complexity is scary!
:-) stw

Stephan, 2003-09-29

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