Quickly delete unwanted comments

by Volker Weber

MovableType sends a notification if somebody enters a comment. You can quickly see some data about the poster, including the fields (s)he filled out but not limited to that. You will also see the originating IP address.

MT lets you jump quickly to the related post but you can't get from there to the CMS. I have added an "edit this post" link which is somewhat hidden, but I still need a few clicks to delete unwanted comments. With a simple modification you can however also add a link to the notification mail that will go directly to the "Confirm deletion" dialog. See the message above.

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Nice and easy. Implemented ;-)
Maybe I should make my code for rejecting referrer spammers public, too. Nah, got to clean it up and make it more felxible first.

Stefan Rubner, 2003-09-29

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