And back home ...

by Volker Weber

I refreshed a few things that I learned before (Vienna has excellent food and some very friendly people). And I learned a few new things. For instance, I found a hotel where I don't want to stay again. It starts with my definition of a small room:

You can touch two opposing walls at the same time. While in bed, you can open and close the curtain with your foot.

Add a concierge who seems to be unable to talk or read from lists. A room where the window faces the inside of the hotel so you get no fresh air. No non-smoking rooms available. You get the drift ...

One interesting sidenote: If you are in Vienna and you are desparate for a free breakfast. Just walk into this place. Get some coffee and food. Sit down and enjoy yourself. Nobody will bother you or even talk to you. :-)

But everything else was just perfect.


Welcome back indeed!
In any case a bad website, where you check the French text and get some information still in German!
Are you sure you were not in hell? It sounds like it!

Alma, 2003-09-30

BlogTalk-Teilnehmer wissen, dass es in Wien eigentlich nur eine Unterkunft gibt, die für Blogger angemessen ist: Den Karolinenhof von Franz Nahrada. Bitte selber die entsprechenden Links ergoogeln, da sind ein paar interessante Geschichten zu entdecken.

(Allerdings nicht sehr verkehrsgünstig gelegen, für einen Kurztrip wie Deinen also nicht so gut geeignet.)

Martin Roell, 2003-09-30

Well, what do you expect for this price at this location? ;-) Seriously: next time you come to Vienna, drop me a note, and I'll mail you some recommendations. And possibly invite you to a beer. Possibly. :-)

Horst, 2003-09-30

Thanks, Horst. Ed may take you up on the offer since he will be in Vienna early November. I mean the recommendations, not the beer. :-)

Volker Weber, 2003-09-30

Most definitely could use hotel recommendations. Though it's going to be hard to beat the IBM rates, but maybe I'll splurge for a few days. Will e-mail...

Ed Brill, 2003-09-30

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