And back home ...

by Volker Weber

If all the travel makes you envious, you have not been hanging around airports enough.

The hotel was fine tonight, Swiss public transportation is just plain wonderful and flights at Zürich Airport are always delayed. The flight to Frankfurt was scheduled for 1450 arriving at 1600. 70 minutes for a trip that acutally takes about 30 minutes only, if the pilot hits it. Today it was delayed to 1530 at which time we had not even boarded yet. One hour later we were still sitting on the tarmac. Computer outage in Frankfurt supposedly. I was afraid I was stuck in Zürich but we eventually left. The rest of the trip was uneventful. I took the Airliner shuttle from Frankfurt and I am home safe and sound.

Lots of e-mails waiting to be answered. Lots of ...

The show? Went very well. Six down, two to go.


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