Tungsten T3 review

by Volker Weber

Brighthand has a detailed review of the Tungsten T3:

There's an old saying that goes, "Third time's the charm." The first two models in this series were good, but the Tungsten T3 is outstanding. Palm has improved almost every facet of this handheld, from the high-resolution screen to the upgraded PIM apps.

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I broke down and bought a T3 yesterday and it is by far the most convincing PDA I've had (and I had a few):
* Atari Portfolio
* Original Newton
* USRobotics PalmPilot
* Palm III
* Visor (2 Models)
* IPaq 3870
* SonyEricsson P800

The display is gorgeous. Bluetooth connection to my (old) Ericsson R520 works like a charm. I had my data moved from the visor and reinstalled the apps I need in less than an hour. The alarm is so loud that you really hear it. Did I say that the display is great?

Loving it... Anyone that would like to buy a refurbished P800?

Jens-Christian Fischer, 2003-10-03

Put it on eBay. Should sell really well.

Volker Weber, 2003-10-03

I'd even be happy with a Tungsten E – but than again the only thing I'm really missing from my trusty Visor Edge is Bluetooth ...

Chris, 2003-10-03

I feel like a dummy having waited so long to upgrade from my Palm Vx to a Tungsten - Damn ! :) and now, so soon after the original Tungsten comes the T2 and now the T3 !!

I like the idea of the brighter larger screen, but the reduction in battery life looks like a bit of a downer. That always used to be Palm's greatest feature over the Pocket PC - just enough oomph to do the job and weeks of battery life as a result - what's happened now ? It's not just the screen either is it - why does this machine need a 400MHz processor ?

John, 2003-10-06

I just sold my SONY NX70v and am now waiting for my T3 to arrive. As a physician, I use my palm as a portable information center for both electronic text books and for patient management. I am very happy that palm came out with a "super fast" CPU since searching through a huge database or changing applications fast enough to produce real time data requires speed. As far as the battery life, I am aware of the fact that the battery won't last as much as it would on older palm models but I can live with charging once or twice a week, as I do my phone.
Hope I will be pleased with my new purchase. As for the ever changing world of PDAs and computers: you can never win. You either wait forever or decide to buy and be obsolete in 6 months. C'est la vie...

I notice that there has been some discussion about battery life for the Tungsten T3 over at PalmInfoCenter. Interestingly people have been using overclocking utilities to underclock the device for the standard apps (on the basis that you can survive with these running slower) in order to extend the battery life.

See http://www.palminfocenter.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=17446

Someone else noted that the T3 when clocked at 100MHz was as fast as the base T|T, so perhaps there is some mileage in following this approach in order to improve on what is the most often quoted downside to this new product.

John, 2003-10-08

t3 is really one of the best handhelds palm ever produced. 400mHz of processor, 64Mb of RAM make this gadget an easy way to go. I just got my t3 last month, and it really works well. Applications are easy to manage, and there are a lot more of it available on the net....

The only thing about t3 that is very much annoying is the battery life. If your'e a heavy user (mp3 playing, videos, and a lot of bluetooth) you have to charge it every night. I hope Palm would make this problem right.. my suggestion is; the battery should be "change"able" so that we can buy an extra battery for it.. thanx...

johannese, 2003-12-11

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