by Volker Weber

I have standardized all "my" WikiWikis to UseModWiki. WakkaWiki went out the door because it was too slow, and it also seems stuck.

UseMod does not need a database. It is essentially one Perl script with an optional external configuration file. Data is kept in flat files outside of the web directory. Ute's site moved to UseMod as well, but unlike wiki.vowe.org (which got redirected here) it is not world-writable.

I missed the release of UseMod 1.0 last month and upgraded today. One nice feature that was added is RSS support. I shall be putting up a feed shortly so I can track edits to the site.

On a different note, ZOň was rev'ed again and is now at version 0.5. Ladies and Gentlemen, update your engines. And your bookmarks: zoe.nu. Nice touch - a new preferences pane:


And while we are at it: Apple has updated its OS X 10.2.8 update. Got that? A 10.2.8 update for 10.2.8:

The 10.2.8 Update (Build 6R73) includes an updated ethernet driver for 450MHz and 500MHz dual processor Power Mac G4 desktop systems and an update to the battery status menu.

Lucy is not concerned. :-)


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