BookmarkSync went open source

by Volker Weber

Mike Golding reports:

Over the last few weeks, since BookmarkSync and SyncIT officially died, I have searched out over a dozen bookmark syncing programs, none of them suit me, not even the Notes based ones, I want it to be fully integrated with the browser, automatic syncing between all machines, syncing on port 80 and through firewalls, basically, I wanted Bookmark Sync back again.

Well, true to their word, Bookmark Sync has gone open source and the source code is freely available in both server and client versions. The good news is that the server side runs on PHP and MySQL ...

Stefan, I may need that MySQL database back, after all. :-)

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As I told you, it never ceased to exist for the simple reason that "you might need it some day" ;-)

Stefan Rubner, 2003-10-07

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