by Volker Weber

After Nathan described Bruce as Jar Jar in a thread on NotesTips we started putting together a cast for LotusWars. Want to help? Hit this page and click "Edit text of this page" at the very bottom.


Just added Jabba the hutt and the Imperator.

Nice idea.


Tobias, 2003-10-07

Yeah, I added Ray as Anakin/Darth Vader, Alan Lepofsky as an Ewok, Henry Newberry as Chewbacca, and Ed Brill as Lando Calrissian. BTW, I LOVE the pic someone added of Ed as Lando!

Rock, 2003-10-07

Chris Toohey (DominoGuru) did the Brill photo.

Bruce, 2003-10-08

I've been tinkering with PS as of late, so thanks! ;-)

I think it's funny how much Ambuj visually fits his role... not funny "ha ha" but funny "someone better check to see if he doesn't have Frank Oz's hand up his arse".


Chris Toohey, 2003-10-08

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