What's your record uptime?

by Volker Weber

Ute had to take down about half of "her" servers today because of a planned powerdown in the data center. The record uptime was 1365 days on a Sun Ultra 60 with Solaris 2.6, if I remember this correctly. There was no reason for a reboot other than this powerdown.

What is your record uptime?


73 Tage mit nem Linux-Router bei mir zu Hause. Dann wurde das Zimmer geräumt und ich mußte den Stecker ziehen ...

Dominik Gwosdek, 2003-10-11

Two Novell Server in the early to mid 90s in my university. They were running for more than 4 years (or 5?). They were barely coping at the end and needed upgrading. The shutdown noises which went on over a few minutes were heartbreaking and we were never able to restart the two servers with the original hardware config.

The dust inside had archaeological value and served as natural habitat to some species. We were honestly very sad and nearly cried... ;-)

Moritz Schroeder, 2003-10-11

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