A small world

by Volker Weber

I like to read my referrers once in a while to get a better understanding who is reading my site and likes it enough to link there. This is a bit like travelling, because you learn about people who live all over the world. This is just a short (alphabetical) list of people I never met in person, but on my site:

Alex Hernandez from Santiago, Ashok Hingorani from Bombay, Benedict Poole from London, Bruce Elgort from Vancouver, Garret Vreeland from Santa Fe, Guilherme Kujawski from Sao Paulo, Host Prillinger from Vienna, Jean-Philippe Papillon from Paris, Jeroen Bekkers from Rotterdam ... The list goes on and on.

So, yes, I like to know about you. Even if you never speak up in the comments. This is a small world after all. A world we share.


Have you checked your browser stats as well?

Armin, 2003-10-12

Of course I have. But that would not connect me to people, or would it?

Volker Weber, 2003-10-12

In rare cases it would. You probably have to go quite far down in the list though (assuming the list is sorted by number of visits/requests by browser). Then you should find it ;-)

Armin, 2003-10-12

You can find outr what a chameleon I am that way ;-) Most of the browsing, alas, is in IE6 and Firebird on a PC. But you'll find me in your OS X 10.2.8 / Safari stats too!

Ben Poole, 2003-10-13

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