Think Parade - Happy end

by Volker Weber

Received my final feedback today. I have checked it after each of the shows to find things we still needed to adjust. Visitors were also asked to "grade" the speakers from :-)) to :-((. I do not want to disclose any hard numbers but I can say there were more than a few hundred feedbacks. These are my results:

On a scale from 1 (very good) to 5 (very bad), the overall score was 1.49.



who has expected someting else ;-)
BTW: Let's find the one, ranked you with "5" and ....

Enjoy your success - nice evening

Martin, 2003-10-13

I'm trying to figure out what Edward Tufte would think of this pie chart...

Jeff Chausse, 2003-10-13

wonder-o-wonder... ;-)) Hope to see you again in the same chair next year!

Schweppes, 2003-10-14

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