Protect your PC in three easy steps

by Volker Weber


Protect your PC. 3 steps to help ensure your PC is protected:

1. Shutdown Windows
2. Close lid
3. Unplug all wires

Sorry, could not resist ridiculing Microsoft's banner after today's patches.


Now THIS is a PC notebook. :-)

Peter, 2003-10-17

... and a PC user


Michael, 2003-10-17

Volker, you're right. That's why tomorrow there will be another patch and lessons 4-71 (WiFi + Bluetooth) :-)

Wolfgang Flamme, 2003-10-17

So funny! Another reason I'm glad I switched to OSX a few
years ago.

Did anyone notice this guy looks almost exactly like Richard Clark
(ex- US counter terrorism chief under Clinton/Bush 1st term). Ironic.


Eric Anderson, 2006-01-05

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