Stop calling for law enforcement - start selling

by Volker Weber

Excellent review of iTunes for Windows on Slashdot. Conclusion:

Steve Jobs claims that iTunes is the best software ever written for Windows. It's certainly the best music player/Jukebox ever written for Windows. I don't know that any of the others can match it, feature for feature.

With iTunes and the iTunes Music Store, I honestly can't see myself returning to buying CDs. It's just so much more convenient, and significantly cheaper to download and burn - and I don't care about the minor quality differences or the lack of cover art. This is what I've been waiting for. YMMV of course, but it's definitely worth a try.

I don't concur with the author's notion that Apple is doing this to sell music on the iTMS. At least for now the profits are somewhere else. I think the plot is more along this observation:

With iTunes on my PC, guess what's now on my Christmas list? An iPod. I've played with other MP3 players and they software they use to manage MP3 libraries. They sucked - hard. iTunes shows me that it can be easy - it should be easy. In a single stroke Jobs has vastly increased the market for the iPod.

There you go. I my case I was holding off my iPod purchase until I had a Mac. With iTunes I may have first gotten the iPod. Much lower barrier of entry.

Now back to the "music industry". When do you get your act together in Europe? Currently iTunes users wet their appetite in the iMTS and then get on the free sharing networks for satisfaction. Stop calling for law enforcement - start selling.


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