Toast Titanium 6

by Volker Weber


I recently installed Toast Titanium 6 and I have had nothing but good experience with it so far. Most of the options are much clearer now that it has a drawer on the left side. No need to hunt around for "Copy Desktop Database yes/no". One thing I noticed today is that it shows its progress on the dock.


Toast 5 showed it's progress in the dock as well :)

On my machine i cannot choose an external FW burner (Yahama CRW F-1) as the drive to read from in copy mode, although the drive itself is being recognized. No problems here with Toast 5.2.1.

Best regards, Thomas

Thomas, 2003-10-26

I kind of expected that comment. I had not noticed that feature in 5, but I assumed it was there before.

Volker Weber, 2003-10-26

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