Minimize your ROI with IBM

by Volker Weber


Taken from an IBM presentation at SAP TechEd conference held last month in Basel

[via The Register]


Da ist wohl jemandem vor lauter Buzzwords schwindlig geworden.

Wetten, dass dann in der überarbeiteten Version "Increasing TCO and reducing ROI" steht?

Oliver, 2003-10-31

That hurts! ;-)

Claude, 2003-10-31

and three bullets of buzzwords that mean nothing.. (never seen the 'landscape' one before, i'll make a note of that for my next presentation)

alexei, 2003-10-31

'Minimizing TCO and Reducing ROI' would mean the same as the statement in the slide! does not compute... :-)

I anyway find it strange to use ROI & TCO in one slide (even if they had gotten it right). TCO is about cost and ROI is about benefit.
TCO is what is calculated for what is considered 'infrastructure', ROI you use much earlier in the product/project life cycle.

Martijn, 2003-10-31

"IT landscape" (IT Landschaft) sounds as if a German prepared that presentation....

Moritz Schroeder, 2003-10-31

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