iTunes track to iChat status

by Volker Weber


Once you start working with a Mac you don't spend as much time fixing your computer as before. So you need new ways to spend all that extra time. That must be the reason that people start writing these nice and utterly useless hacks like this one. It automatically sets the iChat status message to the currently playing track in iTunes. No, you won't see it in AOL Instant Messenger ...

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Unfortunately, it'll also add the special charcter in front of the artist's name. Looked a bit weird, first time I saw it pop up in GAIM.

Stefan Rubner, 2003-11-02

Everything in this string can be replaced. Also, it will not show up again in your IM since that was a side effect of AutoReply, yet another iChat enhancement.

Volker Weber, 2003-11-02

There have been programs that provide frameworks to import the currently playing song from winamp to AIM for a couple of years. I don't remmember the one I used to use, but here's an example of the idea:

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