Pac-Man implemented in Excel

by Volker Weber

Ned Batchelder writes:

This has got to win some kind of award for the most complete game implemented on the least-capable platform: Pac-Man for Excel. It's a complete, playable, faithful implementation of the arcade Pac-Man game, written in Excel macros, with pixels of the game displayed by changing the background colors of minutely-sized cells! I'm flabbergasted. I don't even know enough about scripting Excel to be able to read the code this guy has written.

And indeed, it does work. Unbelievable.

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works fine!!! I tried it this night several times... oh good ol' VC64 times :-) Is there any PC-frogger out there???

Schweppes, 2003-11-04

Hmm, doesn't appear to work on Mac OSX though, complained about not having winmm.dll :(

Timothy Arnold, 2003-11-04

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