Rotten logistics

by Volker Weber


Apple, this is ridiculous.

The iBook, ordered two weeks ago, left the factory nine days ago. It still has not found its way here. The tracking system is not updated for days and calls to the aftersales support will only let me have 30 minutes of free music charged to your telephone bill, a call center agent that speaks german with an irish accent, but can't do anything but read the numbers aloud from the tracking system that does not have any meaningful information anyway.

Now let's go to a number of carriers and use Apple's tracking number as a reference number, not a consignment number. Bingo, TNT has the package:




Hi Volker Weber
I was searching on the web something about, the delivery time for Apple Products.I'm from Italy and I've also chosen an iBookG4, and I'm waiting for it.Same as you it comes from Taiwan, and mine has "Shipment Picked Up TAIPEI, TP, TW 07 Nov 2003 13:20". The set I took is an iBook 12.1/800G4/640/60/CMBO/T
.My terrible problem is that on 17th of November I will leave for New Mexico (USA) and I need it before that date, concerning that and asking for your experience, Do you think I will be able to have it in time??Also for me,there will be TNT service.
Thank you in advance


Matt, 2003-11-08

Matt, I am terribly sorry, but speaking from my experience you will not receive the machine before you leave. Mine was picked up on 28.10.2003 and delivered on 07.11.2003. That is a week plus three days. Or eight work days. Yours was picked up on a friday and I would charter from there that it arrives on 19.11. or 20.11. Apple promises six working days which they did not keep in my case. Even with six days it won't be there in time.

Volker Weber, 2003-11-08

Thank you Volker, I just trust in a miracle from God.I cannot really do nothing more than that!
Just thinking I paid it on 03 of November!And I won't be able to use it for what I was thinking for!
anyway thank you


Matt, 2003-11-08

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