SuSE Linux 9

by Volker Weber


Now this was smooth sailing. Unpacked the CDs, put them in a machine that is currently idle. Without paying a lot of attention installed it. It just works. Then I took away some of the decorations and basically went to a Windows 2000 look-alike.

It is going to be a bit harder on Kermit with its NVidia Controller and the digital display. At least it was with RedHat 9.


Funny -- I tool the SuSe plunge, too, looking for an alternative now that RedHad doesn't want individual customers anymore. Installed on my Linux-only laptop without much trouble. Still don't have my oddball WiFi card working, though.

Eric Hancock, 2003-11-06

As a matter of interest... go in the auto patching function and see how many updates you need to get!... :)

Chris, 2003-11-06

I did not count them but they were a lot.

Volker Weber, 2003-11-06

I have downloaded yesterday Fedora Core 1 formerly known as "Red Hat 10" and updated my RH9 driven Thinkpad A31P and wow now also my WLAN is working. BTW you can get these CDs also in a magazine called Red Hat Magazine
So I will stay on RH based Linux.


Detlev Buschkamp, 2003-11-07

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