Synagogues in Germany - A Virtual Reconstruction

by Volker Weber


Today, 65 years ago, hundreds of Synagogues were destroyed in Germany. Now architecture students in Germany are rebuilding synagogues destroyed by the Nazis, in a virtual project viewable over the Internet. The idea came to Marc Grellert, a student turned lecturer at Darmstadt Technical University, after an arson attack on one of Germany's remaining synagogues in the town of Lübeck in 1994.

As in many parts of this country, the citiizens of Darmstadt have built a new synagogue for the Jewish community, 50 years after the three synagogues in this city were destroyed.


Thanks Volker for pointing out the anniversary, and the website -- I have picked up both in my blog

Peter Marquis-Kyle, 2003-11-09

Kristalnacht and hookers all in one day -- not sure which link I find more interesting :-o

Ed Brill, 2003-11-09

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