Now imagine this

by Volker Weber

Got up two hours early, took the train to Kassel. Spent all day at a busy conference. Finally had a few drinks in the evening, maybe four beers, waited outside in the cold for the shuttle bus, was heading home close to midnight and then had to fight Ed, who really, really needed to take a picture. :-)


hmmm.... it's a good picture though, no? Considering that I had to fight you for it, it was midnight, I had had a beer and a Caprihana, and well, I can't exactly explain why I wanted to take this picture :)

Ed Brill, 2003-11-10

hmmm Volker, in your case " look younger than ever, love! Younger than ever!" (Butler James as Mr Winterbottom in Dinner for on) doesn't fit exactly :-)
Greets from Munich

Mike Hartmann, 2003-11-12

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