Sitting on the fence regarding a Panther upgrade?

by Volker Weber

In case you are still sitting on the fence and cannot decide wether you want to upgrade your Mac to Panther, you may want to read this very good and thorough review by John Siracusa. It also touches on the subject of older Macs, in this case an iBook G3/400 with 384MB RAM; an ATI Rage 128 video card with 16MB of VRAM:

It's hard not to like an OS upgrade that makes your computer faster. On both the lowly G3/400 and the mighty dual G5 (which started its life running Jaguar), upgrading to Panther provided an immediate and noticeable performance improvement. What more is there to say? Panther's performance lives up to its intimidating branding.

The question is not to get Panther or not. It is about getting a new iBook with Panther or keeping the old one. :-)


I've upgraded both of my Macs - a G4 1GHz and an iMac 1GHz - to Panther, and both are SO much faster. Expose is highly awesome too -- very useful and quick to use.

Michael Sampson, 2003-11-10

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