Notes 6.5 on Panther

by Volker Weber

John Gruber:

Panther introduces significant changes to Mac OS X's text services, providing new formatting doodads, ranging from the mostly-useless-but-flashy (e.g. text shadows and outlined letterforms) to the genuinely useful (e.g. true typographic small caps and better ligature support).

I don't know whether it's Panther or the Notes 6.5 update, but fonts no longer look ugly with Notes on OS X. I used Silk to enable antialiasing on Jaguar but this haxie was broken with Panther. So I uninstalled it. I later realized that fonts now look OK in Notes, but I simply don't know whether it was IBM that changed Notes or Apple that changed Panther. And actually, I don't really care. :-)


The first thing I noticed with Notes on Panther is the F9 key. That used to be the refresh key in Notes, now it is hooked into Panther's Exposé feature.

Joe Canadian, 2003-11-12

That's true. But you can map the Exposé feature to any other button. When I played around with key combinations of F9 I noticed that shift-F9 will run Exposé really slow - so that Steve can show it off. :-)

Volker Weber, 2003-11-12

It seems that it's 6.5 that made the fonts look better. (That's one point for Lotus.) I just installed 6.0.2CF1 on this test Panther PB15 and the fonts looked horrible. I used the KissWorks NiniX to set the font size to 2, which helped with size, but not looks. Then, I upgraded Notes to 6.5 and they looked much smoother.

I guess I should give this PB back before my iBook looks slow and small...

Michael Braly, 2003-11-12

I wrote a simple little notes app to allow users to set ini variables; it only manipulates the fonts ini right now. I am using this app for exec's to use on their PBs instead of the NiniX tool; I am afraid to give that much power to a novice user. If anyone wants it "as is" ( i.e. no support), just let me know.

Joe Canadian, 2003-11-12

Me too :-p

Notes 6 on the Mac

Ben Poole, 2003-11-12

Is there a version of Lotus Designer or Administrator (6.5 or better) that works with Panther?

Andrew Rojane, 2004-12-08

No. The Mac version is a Notes client only. No admin or designer unless you run within an emulation layer like Virtual PC

Ben Poole, 2004-12-08

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