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88% charge, more than 4 hours, this is closer to reality but still a bit optimistic. Notice that WLAN is connected (and has excellent reception), BlueTooth is not. What you can't see is that backlight is at about 50%. It's in the middle of the night and you actually don't need more backlight then. :-)

What else is in the toolbar? From left to right: Launchbar, BlueTooth, iChat AV, WLAN, speaker volume, TypeIt4Me, battery, day of week, time.


One other goodie for the tool bar worth considering is DesktopCalendar (freeware) by Takashi T. Hamada at

Actually, although it does add the date and calendar week to the tool bar, the main function is to add a month-at-a-time calendar to the desktop. You can page backwards/forewards but not add calendar entries. I find it useful even though iCal is only a click away in the Dock.

John Keys, 2003-11-15

And I (as a non-MACie, not yet) assume between WLAN and TypeIt4Me, that's the volume control ;-)

Ragnar Schierholz, 2003-11-15

John, interesting. Have it installed for now but not yet registered as a login item.

Ragnar, thanks, fixed. And "MACies" are "MacHeads".

Volker Weber, 2003-11-15

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