It never rains in London

by Volker Weber

Well. almost. I sported a Barbour Jacket - and a hat. But I just used that in the first hour after I arrived. Ben warned me to never get a London native started about the weather, and I followed his advice.

After arriving at Heathrow on time (!) I proceded on the Picadilly line towards Holborn. The hotel was just a hundred meters from the station and I checked in there ahead of my schedule. It turned out to be a really nice place. An hour later Ben arrived and we headed towards the Melton Mowbray, an English pub just a few blocks away from the hotel. Had a nice chat with him, we drank a few Chiswick and then I headed back to the hotel for a nice and quiet sleep.

Tuesday was walking day. I headed east to St.Paul's, across the wobbly bridge to Tate Modern, and from there all the way to the Wheel and back across the river to Westminster. The Tate had a breathtaking exhibition, just look at the picture over at my photo site. After visiting Westminster Abbey I headed back on the bus towards Holborn for a short nap. In the afternoon I spent a few hours in the Westend and the Picadilly area where I tried the huge WiFi hotspot. After I returned to the hotel my feet were really, really sore. Not used to that much walking anymore.

Wednesday morning I spent at the British Museum before heading back to the airport. No rain at all on both days. I must have been so lucky. Had a great time in London, and there is so much more to see. I could probably spend a whole week there without getting bored.


I've been to London a dozen times now, and have only truly been in the rain for one or two days out of all those visits. Maybe it's global warming?

Ed Brill, 2003-11-20

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