Never without my Boblbe-E

by Volker Weber

Today I was carrying my stuff in a very simple Bree backpack (Punch 3). And unfortunately, while picking up my car from a dark parking lot, I stumbled and fell really badly. When I tried to recover from the stumble, the backpack hit my head and I fell forward, tossing the backpack over my head. It crashed in front of me. I bruised one hand, one knee and ripped my trousers over the knee. Only minor damage, luckily.

Inside the backpack was Snoopy. And it survived without a dent or a scratch. This will not happen again. Next time I will use my Boblbe-E Megalopolis — I promise.



Yeah! Snoopy will survive for sure, but what about your head...?!!

Claude, 2003-11-20

BoblbeE -> ;-)

Thomas, 2003-11-20

do you really own one of these volker? i'm curious about it. i looked for dealers, there is one in miami which is sorta close to me (about 3-4 hours drive). looks like a really neat idea.

if you do have one, is it comfortable?

anyway, any details on your user experience would be neat to read.

also, hope you are feeling ok.


jonvon, 2003-11-21

Yes, I have one and they are very comfortable. Inside is a sleeve for a notebook that will hold any Thinkpad or a PowerBook 15". The front side of that sleeve holds pens and small items. The hard shell hold the rest of your stuff. You can attach a net or other items with straps. The hood contains a small pocket for your items that you need to have quick access to. It usually also comes with one or two mobile phone pockets that attach to the front.

No regrets, but two remarks:

- It is overprized but I got it through eBay from someone who never used it
- It does not have all the small pockets that other backpacks have so you are never that organized.

When I was in Florida in January, the Boblbe-E Megalopolis (with an outside net) was on sale at CompuUSA. You may want to look at this kind of store as well.

Volker Weber, 2003-11-23

awesome, thanks for the details volker!

jonvon, 2003-11-24

It does not have all the small pockets that other backpacks have so you are never that organized.
For someone like me, that's a positive boon: I can never find anything if I have a bag with more than two compartments ;-)

Ben Poole, 2003-11-26

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