Login to AIM on more than one machine

by Volker Weber

Michael Sampson alerts me on this change in the AOL Instant Messaging behaviour:

AOL has quietly switched on a new feature in its instant messaging network that allows users to be concurrently online from multiple locations using the same screenname. Previously, a user would be disconnected from their original AIM session if they signed in from another computer.

Indeed, it does work. You are no longer logged out when you log in on the other machine. This is nice. However, you will accumulate chat invitations on the other machine that you are not currently using.


on the aim homepage there is nothing to click to sign in or sign out.....or am i blind?

you guys should have i sighn on screen like aol has on there site so that if your on another computer that does not have AIM you could still acsess your buddy list

Lindsey Hyson, 2004-12-05

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