Managing Data Center Functions with Open Source Tools

by Volker Weber

Comdex 2003 Presentation, lots of links, read here >


Redundancy has something good, sometimes... ;-)

Ragnar Schierholz, 2003-11-23

That's a very good all-in-one collection of OS admin sites. I've been reading about Nagios for monitoring our Domino web servers. It doesn't look like anyone has written an add-on to monitor NRPC with Nagios (yet), but I'm really only interested in HTTP. It sounds like Nagios will run on a cheap Linux box, watch for HTTP to not respond in your parameters and page/e-mail you if something is wrong. I haven't had much luck getting Domino's monitoring to tell me when HTTP isn't responding.

Michael Braly, 2003-11-24

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