Lotus Workplace 1.1 System Requirements

by Volker Weber

(from the 85 pages of Release Notes):

Server CPU and memory requirements

This topic describes the minimum server CPU and memory requirements for each server platform supported for version 1.1 of the IBM Lotus Workplace products. More detailed information will be supplied in product deployment and capacity planning guides.

IBM AIX systems

IBM eServer pSeries 630 Model 6E4
4 processors 1.45 GHz or faster

Linux systems

Quad Pentium 4 processor at 1.4 GHz or higher
2 GB or more RAM

Microsoft Windows 2000 systems

Four 2-GHz or faster processors
2 GB or more RAM
Recommend NTFS file system

DB2 server must be Enterprise Edition

A DB2 server Enterprise Edition is required for Lotus Workplace. If your DB2 server was installed by another product, for example the IBM Directory Server, it may be DB2 server Workgroup Edition. Lotus Workplace installation will fail if it finds DB2 server Workgroup Edition instead of Enterprise Edition.

Server disk space requirements

Installing IBM WebSphere Application Server, IBM WebSphere Portal, IBM HTTP Server, Lotus Workplace products, and the Lotus Workplace product databases, requires a minimum of 13 GB of free disk space. This amount does not include the disk space required to install the database product.

Estimating disk space requirements for Lotus Workplace Messaging

DB2 stores mail messages, address books, calendar data, and attachments. Before you install Lotus Workplace Messaging, you must determine the number of messaging user accounts and the allowable mailbox size for each account. The required disk space will then dictate the number of disk drives required. By default, Lotus Workplace Messaging allots 60 MB of storage to each mail account. The total disk space for the mail data must be at least 400 MB.

Use the following table to determine the gigabytes needed for the mail data. The numbers in the table are based on an average e-mail message size of 32 KB. The calculated disk space contains 30 to 40% of free space for system growth. For example, if you have 1000 users and each user has the default disk space of 60 MB, you need approximately 120 GB of disk space.

Upgrading DB2 7.2 to DB2 8.1

The migration of Lotus Workplace Messaging from 1.0 to 1.1, including the upgrade of DB2 7.2 to DB2 8.1, must be performed by IBM Software Services for Lotus (ISSL). Contact ISSL for more information.

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this is out of smb market

thorsten ebers, 2003-11-25

I wonder what happens to the TCO for Workplace when you factor in the hardware costs.. And I wonder how many people it will support, with this hardware. I like the bit about IBM must do the DB2 upgrade, I dont think I could sell that to my company, especially as our existing Domino infrastructure does more with less, is deployed on cheap NT boxes, and only takes 1 person to upgrade..

Hopefully later version will be simpler to install..

Neil, 2003-11-25

Even with today's machines, that's a heck of a lot to require.

Ben Langhinrichs, 2003-11-25

Ouch. That really is a hefty set of requirements. Even large enterprises are going to find them hard to swallow.

Ben Poole, 2003-11-25

IBM sells the required hardware too, so no problem :-)

Thomas Gumz, 2003-11-25

And when you are done, you will have almost the same functionality as a Share Point Server. If you also have MS Office, you get much more.

Gary Devendorf, 2003-11-26

Gary, people try to get out of Microsoft servers, not into them. That does not necessarily mean IBM.

Volker Weber, 2003-11-26

hello people,

I have downloaded Lotus Workplace server 1.1 (c549eml.iso) and Lotus Workplace Server Setup 1.1 (c549dml.iso) files from the ibm partnerworld site. However, when i tried to run the run.class and wizard.class files the installation process fails. Could anyone help me on how to continue? thanks a lot

sathish, 2003-12-02

Hi Satish,

Burn the ISO image into a CD and then run the setup. It will work. If you need any further help, contact me... I am also in the effort of installation and design of Lotus Workplace 1.1

Dinny Peter

Dinny Peter, 2003-12-12

I'm new to IBM and there pricing policies.

As stated the license is per CPU and the requirements are 4 processors on the server.

Am I correct in thinking that this requires 4 licenses for one server?

I would appreciate any confirmation or enlightenment (prefer the latter)

Jason Turnbull

Jason Turnbull, 2004-02-12

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