Weighing my options for Lotusphere

by Volker Weber


Looks like IBM wants me at Lotusphere 2004. However they are changing the game plan. In all the years I have been coming there, I arrived Saturday late at night and headed home Thursday. This year they wanted to drop the Sunday, now they want us out Wednesday. I tried to attend sessions on Sunday but was turned away by the room monitors.

It looks like Lotus may have less news to tell. Over the years Lotus had already cut back on the press conferences from three to two and then to one. If I have to leave Wednesday I will for the first time cut back on the one-on-one interviews because I will otherwise not have enough time to publish what I am learning. Everyone with "marketing" in the job title will be dropped from the schedule. I am happy to read the presentation files at my speed though. :-)

On a side note, try to go to www.lotusphere.com which beams you to ibm.com/us. Now to lotus.com/lotusphere. You end up at lotus.com/events/govfor.nsf, like in "Government Forum".


Fine, I don't need to see you in Orlando, either :)

Ed Brill, 2003-11-26

Ed, you are entitled to a special treatment. :-)

Volker Weber, 2003-11-26

Since when do companies act smart, have I missed something? Do you have some inside knowledge that you would like to share with us? :-)

Mike Hartmann, 2003-11-27

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