Slingshot Santa

by Volker Weber


How far can you throw him?


167,3 .... puhhhh. have to do some exercises tonight

Alexander Kluge, 2003-11-27

241,1 but there is still room for improvement

Volker Weber, 2003-11-27

235,8... I really don't like christmas :-)

Mike Hartmann, 2003-11-27

brag, brag: 298,1 :-)

Mike Hartmann, 2003-11-27

283,4 - poor santa :-)

Michael Urspringer, 2003-11-27

Did you already see the reindeer at 350m? :-) Now I just need to hit it...

Mike Hartmann, 2003-11-27

350.4 - But the reindeer`s still standing ;-)

Stefan Kremer, 2003-11-27

Dang! I was kinda hoping you couldn't get past 349.9m! ;-)

The reindeer doesn't seem to do anything, does it?

Christian Bogen, 2003-11-27

My guess is the Reindeer represents the farthest Santa has been thrown which is farther than my mere 348.3 m.

Joe Canadian, 2003-11-27

Hmm.... 300,3 cant see the reindeer.

Alexander Weihs, 2003-11-27

350.4, thats the farest i get... Santa lays right under the Reindeer, nice.

Pieter Walsweer, 2003-11-27

350.4 as well. Great fun!

Kieren Johnson, 2003-11-27

Won't get past 349,9 but I'm too tired to do some more training.

Stefan Rubner, 2003-11-27

350.4 as well. I think it's not possible to throw him farther.

Stefan Smolnik, 2003-11-28

Math genius at work

Volker Weber, 2003-11-28

Actually, my 349,9 is reported as 349,10, too.

Stefan Rubner, 2003-11-28

334,3 and I saw the reindeer ;-)

Alexander Weihs, 2003-11-28

350.4 also ... cool stuff ;-)

Dirk Bartkowiak, 2003-11-29

350.4 seems absolute max :-)

Jake, 2003-11-29

I reached 350,4 at max, but I'll try to get more, because I want Santa to dive in the gap behind the reindeer.

Judaszeuger, 2003-11-29

looks like there is no way to get past the 350,4!

frog23, 2003-11-29

350,4 that's all!

Markus Nolte, 2003-11-29

How short can you shoot? 23.4 is the worst I can get.

yo, 350,4 semms to be the farest.... It´s sad that nothing´s happen when I hit the reindeer :-)

Arzt666, 2003-11-30

350.4 again!

abc123, 2003-11-30

Dear abc123,

posting to this site without a proper name and a working email address is bad for your kharma. The effect of you having a bad kharma may prevent other customer of NTL in the UK from posting.

You don't want that, do you? :-)

Volker Weber, 2003-11-30

hmm 350.4 is the max i guess
but: who can throw shortest?
beat 23.4 :P


gilgamesch, 2003-12-01

350,4 This is the max, but no matter, this is a fantastic game afterall.

Orosz György (George), 2003-12-01

350,4 seems indeed the best. I could not do it beyond this point!

Chris, 2003-12-02

334.3 is the best i could do? what is your secret? lol

Mike B, 2003-12-04

the maximum is 350,4

bamberger, 2003-12-10

350.4 here, but im not giving up until chrismas is over ; )

What's the shortest distance you guys can throw him? mine was 8.4

Vash, 2003-12-17

yes, its a shame you cant get completely past the reindeer. 350.4 is the farthest i've come

limits , 2003-12-17

yes, its a shame you cant get completely past the reindeer. 350.4 is the farthest i've come

limits , 2003-12-17

Try changing your system clock to Christmas day. Apparently there is a 'sweet spot' where he will absolutely fly on Christmas day! I still haven't found it yet myself, but a friend who found this sent me a screenshot with 1063.7m as the distance and another few metres up ahead there is a Christmas tree marker, kinda like the reindeer. So there is probably a little further you can throw it.

Anyone find the sweet spot, can you point it out for us?

Shay, 2003-12-21

340.4 is the farthest you are allowed to go. That's as far as the program allows you to. The reindeer is there really for no reason. My dad did a lot of researching on this game and supposedly there are cheats for it. plus i played that game alot on Christmas day and i didn't get any further than 350.4. Without it being on Christmas day, the sweet spots are about on the first dip on the first to the last iceberg, and the release point is about bewteen the first the last and last slope on the last iceberg. Just make sure you don't keep it down any longer else you cannot throw him. If you hold too long or release too late, santa will go flying up and the elves will look at each other hovering over the chasm and santa will fall in. There are two main points after the chasm where santa should fall but I'll leave that up to you guys to find out. :)

Andy, 2003-12-27

Correction: 350.4 is the farthest you can go. IT's all mathematics.

Andy, 2003-12-27

Correction: 350.4 is the farthest you can go. IT's all mathematics.

Andy, 2003-12-27

346.1 is the farthest I got ;);)

Andrew, 2004-10-19

aw, man- the link is down. Geez, and I thought I could stop working for awhile, heheheh.

Tom Nichols, 2005-08-02

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