Trustworthy computing, NOT

by Volker Weber

Yahoo! News - SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters):

Microsoft Corp. is investigating a report of seven new security holes in its Internet Explorer browser discovered by a Chinese researcher, a company spokesman said on Friday.

The spokesman said Microsoft is not aware of anyone actively exploiting the holes or of any impact on customers.

Two holes are critical and could allow an attacker to run a program that would delete files, crash the machine or take control of it from a remote location, said Russ Cooper of TruSecure Corp. who edits the NTBugTraq e-mail list.


Hmm. "Delete files, crash the machine" - I wonder where's the difference to standard behaviour there ;-)

Stefan Rubner, 2003-11-29

And I wonder how that can "not have an impact on customers"...
I guess that just shows how committed M$ is to the security of their software. Just not being aware of an exploit doesn't mean there is none or their is nobody working on one.
This year's CSI/FBI Security Survey still shows a significant number of companies openly (well,not so openly, anonymously... but still) admitting, that they don't know wether they had an incident or not, and quite a number stating that they didn't have one (out of which I assume quite a percentage only THINKS they didn't have one).

Just my two cents,

Ragnar Schierholz, 2003-11-30

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