Reviewing Tungsten T3, part 1

by Volker Weber

I am having serious trouble with the spanking new Tungsten T3. Within 24 hours I had to hard reset it three times already because it hangs on a soft reboot with an "Index out of range" error in DataMgr.c. You get to see the Palm logo and before the Tungsten logo shows up, the machine throws an error message and hangs:

DataMgr.c, line 9529, Index out of range

Since I heard about numerous problems that Palm had with the device I tried to install the upgrade patch first, to no avail. It fails to recognize the correct device:


While it would be possible that my machine is already patched it does not say so. Does anybody have an idea what I can do to find out what fails here and why? It might help to look at the version info.

Google has a cached page with exactly this error message from the palmOne support site. It says you should download again because there was an error in the first version that has since been fixed.

Not for me. I tried both the SIT and the ZIP file. Then I tried it again on the PC just to make sure I am not having any side effects that palmOne has not checked. I am getting this file:
6,503,386 bytes
All files in the archive are dated Nov 6, 7:11pm

Still no dice. The Tungsten T3 throws the infamous error message. Since I don't want to reinstall everything again and again after a hard reset, I am going back to the Tungsten T which is working without any defects.


I don't know where you got your T3 from (I have an idea though) but is there a chance that you got a pre-production sample? Not unusual these days, as I had to find out with some other hardware I tested over the last weeks.

Stefan Rubner, 2003-11-30

IPAQ H4150 must be very nice

quite slim, quite light, WIFI/BT builtin :)

much cheaper in USA than in Germany

PS: waiting for T4 with WIFI/BT

pierre kerchner, 2003-12-01

No offense, but are you sure they delivered a T3...
Seems like there are some issues with the Tungsten T ->

Just a thought,

Ragnar Schierholz, 2003-12-01

Stefan, bingo. It is a pre production unit. Just received a call from Palm Support. I am flashing a new BIOS as we speak.

Pierre, when Compaq starts licensing Palm OS I will look again.

Ragnar, yes, I am sure. There is no way to mix them up. The issue you are point ing to is related to the T being a OS 5.0 machine, whereas T2 and T3 are 5.2

Volker Weber, 2003-12-01

I have the same problem with my Palm Tungsten C, i can't reset at all when this screen comes up. Everything is inoperable.

Kevin Gotay, 2004-01-20

Did anyone solve the proble,? i have the exact same thing with my T3 and it olso wont turn off

Slymsh, 2004-02-28

I also have the same problem with my Tungsten E (DataMgr.c, line 9529, Index out of range). Anybody have the solution?

Chote, 2004-05-12

Same problem with my Tungsten C. The error message DataMgr.c, line 9529, Index Out of Range seems to pop up every two weeks.

There is a way to temporarily solve it, but it still pops up every two weeks.

First, hard reset your device. Then go to your Palm user directory and remove all the files inside "Backup." This should get rid of all the applications you've installed but maintain your Datebook, Phonebook, Notepad, Textpad, To-Do List the way it is. Then just hotsync your device and reinstall your programs again.

Palm doesn't seem have a solution to this problem. Their e-mail customer support is TERRIBLE.

Lawrence, 2004-06-07

I have had the same problem with an iQue3600, Garmin product, with Palm OS 5; after an hotsync exit this message:

DataMgr.c - line 9529 - Index out of range,

what can I do?

manu, 2004-06-24

I have had the same problem with an iQue3600, Garmin product, with Palm OS 5; after an hotsync exit this message:

DataMgr.c - line 9529 - Index out of range,

what can I do?

manu, 2004-06-24

Concerning "DataMgr.c line 9529 index out of range".
I am using Tungsten T3 ant TomTom3, and I have seen that error message several times.
I have noticed, that the prefernces i my SlovoEd (english - english) changes after reinstallatin of the Navigator (under "option", under "Resident" - "Commmand Bar Menu" is now unchecked). In SlovoEd - I used to use the short-cut for getting directly into the dictionary without closing the text-file I was reading.
I have stopped using the short-cut in SlovoEd - and now I do not see the "DataMgr.c line 9529 index out of range" message any more.
There are probably more reasons for the error message - but my guess will be that it must have something to do with commands that are remembered in the operating system.
However, I am not an expert.

Tommy Storm, 2004-07-03

I NEVER had the problem until I intalled a nice feature that
allowes me to have the full screen option alway available.
So ISILO shows the page without the keyboard also TOMTOM (3) does the same now (the Icons are a littlebit out of shape but who cares!) After a day of using I also got exactly the same message line 9529, index bla bla (I installed palm-applications AppSlipRotate and StatusBarLib together to achieve this)
I was thinking that I had to remove this nice improvement as I thought it was the cause of the 9529b trouble, but I see many persons with this problem who havent installed this feature......

Jonathan, 2004-07-12

Download this and gone is your problem!!!!

(Thank You PDASHOP in Holland and of-cource the TOMTOM people)

By the way it will generate an annoying message warning You not to operate Your PDA during driving (like you should not do with Your mobile phone) but still very happy

Jonathan, 2004-07-12

My T3 has also got the same problem with "index out of range". I think the security update from palmone may cause the error because my problem came since I had installed the update file.

Jason, 2004-10-28

I have a Zire 72 and somehow managed to get this error. I'm not sure how this happened.
All I know is that I can reset and instantly press any of the navigation keys in order to avoid the DataMgr.c error, and happily run any of my applications.
This comes in handy for pinpointing the faulty app (in my case, any networking application, such as WebPro, VersaMail, and the WiFi stuff.)

Daniel Díaz, 2004-12-31

I have a Palm IIIxe and I am using SlovoEd too. Well, I bought PowerLex4 at but indeed it is SlovoEd with 5 european dictionaries.

I also got this message and some further problems with SlovoEd. I do not yet know, which function caused the bug, but I found out some ways to get rid of the error messages. Other errors also caused by SlovoEd are that I could not access words at the alphabetic end of the dictionary or the systems hangs after starting SlovoEd and I had to make are hard reset.

The safest way is, do delete SlovoEd including the FlashCards and your own additions which are stored in Files beginning with 00 before reinstalling SlovoEd. Unfortunately you have to delete all the entries, you have manually added. Therefore you should save the 00??.pdb-Files every time before you add more entries to the dictionary. I converted those corrupt files to txt and assumed that they have been corrupted while saving. If anyone kann convert those edited txt-files back to pdb or if there would be an editor for those files, i think that would solve the problem.

I will contact the support and if I get some hints I will let you know here.

Rolf Mayer, 2005-02-11

OK, I have the same problem on my T3 since I installed the "Crash" freeware application....ironically this should normaly reset the palm on crashes on not crash it in the first place... But it actually works: Palm is continuesly reseting itself (instead of showing that datamgr line)

Just press the UP key while it still shows the palm logo. Be sure to not press the Off-Button before, because it will hard reset then. So just press reset, release, turn around and hold the up key. This brings me on my palm directly to the preferences.
If it doesn't work, try removing the SD card first.
If it still doesn't work: Sorry, maybe it's just in my special case.
Took me quite a while to figure this out (with a continuesly reseting

This workaround doesn't solve the issue! On the next softreset the same error comes again. So you better do a hardreset and reinstall your stuff. But at least you can backup all your data with this workaround before hardreseting the device!

Hope it works for you too!


BTW: The crash app is probably not the main reason for this error. There might just be too many apps on my Palm by now...

Felix Knecht, 2005-05-05

I've got a palm Tungsten T3 and fortunately did not have any of these troubles as listed here. However it makes a very audible high pitch noise when on, which drives me simply mad.
Does anyone has a similar problem? Is there any fix for that, except replacing the unit?

Kriss Novack, 2005-09-06

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