Groove Networks Webcast Addresses Distributed Project Management Challenges

by Volker Weber

Groove Networks Inc. [...leading bla bla...] today made available a webcast showcasing the benefits of using Groove Workspace Project Edition to manage distributed projects. Featuring two customer case studies and a demonstration of Groove Workspace Project Edition, the on-demand webcast is available at

The webcast requires you to sign up which I did not bother to fill out. It never ceases to amaze me to what length you can go to have people not look at your stuff.


Sales materials should obvoiusly be free downloads I agree.

A Question for Volker. If the material is something useful like an e-book or a tutorial on a subject of interest to you, would you sign up or does everything need to be anonymous all the time?


Mark Smith, 2003-12-05

Mark, it depends on what you want to achieve. More data or an audience to show your better mouse trap to.

If you want a lead generation tool, you have to collect data. If you want a large audience, you remove barriers.

In this particular case, there were more than enough required fields to turn me away from a sales pitch. There is so much to see on the internet. Why waste time filling out yet another form to look at a commercial?

Put a radio button there that says "Do you want to leave some information about yourself, so we can stay in touch? (yes/no)" and switch off the form if someone goes from the default to "no" and you can have both. A lead generation tool and a large audience.

Volker Weber, 2003-12-05

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