DynDNS and Linksys Routers

by Volker Weber

After I received and installed my Linksys router, it turned out that it was updating DynDNS too often and got me blacklisted. Linksys has finally resolved this issue with firmware 1.42.3, according to this bulletin issued by DynDNS:

For the past several months, DynDNS.org has been monitoring a significant increase in the amount of resources consumed by automated updates originating from Linksys WRT54G routers. We have worked with Linksys to resolve this issue, and the conclusions section at the end of this page provides information on how to help us correct this problem. All Linksys WRT54G owners should read that information and take the actions described as soon as possible.

I was somewhat confused by the fact that the US firmware has been updated whereas the European version is still at 1.42.2. The router does work with both firmware branches. This is my router with 1.42.3:


However, WLAN is restricted to channels 1 though 11. This is the main downside if you apply the wrong version. The firmware will also allow the router to send with 1 W (max) which is outside of our specs that only allow 100 mW sustained.


Since the router does not use the maximum output when it is not required, there is in fact no change other than the lower number of available channels.

As the router software is published under the GPL, there are a number of modifications that work around other bugs in the software. In the current official release PPTP is broken but has been fixed by third parties. Find modified versions here. The usual disclaimers apply: At your own risk, batteries not included, void where prohibited, yada yada.


I have the same DynDNS "too often" problem with the SMC Barricade Router.
Unfortunately SMC has not published a corrected version of their firmware yet :-(

Uwe Brahm, 2003-12-07

Well, I've a D-Link Router and no problems with DynDNS :)

Marco, 2003-12-07

By increasing the transmitter power you will lose the operating permit for that device and are liable for any trouble this might cause (e.g. disturbing your neighbour's cordless phone). Don't do this in Germany. Instead, bug Linksys to hurry with the update.

Martin Walther, 2003-12-07

Correct. It is a bit theoretical though since the router will only increase its output if it needs to. And it does not.

Volker Weber, 2003-12-07

I have the same problem, but the links to the firmware of the wrt54g are 404 sites. i can not find any version 1.3.x or 1.4.x on the linksys site, only the 4.20.7 from august 2005. can you help me?

Florian Engelhardt, 2006-03-07

damn, i am so stupid, this news is three years old :(
but i have some trouble with dyndns right now and my wrt54g router

Florian Engelhardt, 2006-03-07

I have a cnet ( CNIG914) router and it appears to be updating Dyndns too often as a result i'm blocked. Can somebody please help me with some sort of solution..

Dujan Francis, 2006-11-24

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