Stupid interface design in Palm OS 5.21

by Volker Weber

tungstenbirthday.png tungstendatepicker.png

The address book in Palm OS 5.2 adds a few new fields, including a new Birthday field. You can chose to show these entries in the calendar. Fine, or should I say finally?

However, the designer of this feature seems to know only 5-year-olds. Maximum. Because you have to use the date picker, which forces you to thumb through all the years. For a 45-year-old you need 48 clicks --1 tap to get the picker, 45 to roll back the years, one for the month, one for the day, which closes the picker. Sheesh.


You can press and hold, but it is still silly. You should be able to tap the year to get a menu.

Even better though is that iCal / Apple Address Book and the Palm Address Book don't use the same info for Birthdays. At least not yet. If you want one to appear, you have to pick and go, they don't auto populate in each other other than in the calendar.

Jonathan Greene, 2003-12-13

Maybe Michael Jackson designed the interface :-)

Ole Saalmann, 2003-12-13

OMG! Ole - that is funny!

Bruce Elgort, 2003-12-13

Speaking of Address Book/iCal and birthdays... Have a look at Address Book Birthday Plugin by one of the SubEthaEdit-authors.

Bronski, 2003-12-14

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