Lotus stuff

by Volker Weber

Ed Brill writes:

David reminded me that he maintains a pretty interesting Team Workplace site on Lotus's extranet. David's site contains just about every customer-facing document Lotus has put in writing in recent years...organized by product and document type. He also has monthly newsletters, tips, information about user groups, and some fun, too.

Take a look at the fun stuff. Lotus affiniados will find lots of unseen desktop wallpapers, some of them really good (192k Quicktime). Sample:


Now I have a big request for Lotus. Can you please eat your own dogfood and put all of the Lotusphere 2004 artwork and the 5 megapixel images those photographers take on site and put them in a site like this? I really have no use for the "high resolution" 640x480 images from the press kit. Gif is not a good format for screenshots. And this is also not good enough for printing. :-) You've got the stuff. Share it with us.

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