Exchange 2003 Tops ND6 in Latest TCO Report

by Volker Weber

Last year, Ed was very fond of the Radicati TCO study. I wonder what the message is this year:

The Radicati Group, Inc., a leading market research firm, released today a new study analyzing Microsoft Exchange 2003’s total cost of ownership (TCO). Based on detailed customer interviews, the study also compares and contrasts the TCO of Microsoft Exchange 2003 to that of IBM Lotus Notes/Domino 6 (ND6), from an earlier study conducted in March 2003 by The Radicati Group, Inc., “Messaging Total Cost of Ownership 2003 - in Enterprise and Service Provider Environments.” This TCO study shows that Microsoft Exchange 2003 offers a significant TCO advantage over IBM Lotus Software Notes/Domino 6 (ND6), on the order of 41%. There are cost advantages in a number of key areas, including downtime and training.

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