How does this look?

by Volker Weber

SAT 17JAN04 DL0027 FRA-ATL 0945-1355
SAT 17JAN04 DL1251 ATL-MCO 1615-1738

WED 28JAN04 DL1096 MCO-ATL 1605-1732
WED 28JAN04 DL0020 ATL-FRA 1835-0910 (+1 day)


Quite nice. The only thing I don't really understand is the round trip from Orlando to Atlanta and back again with the returning flight taking extraordinarily long. Is this lowest economy class and you've got to push the plane all the way back down south? If I were you, I'd just skip that and stay in Orlando ;-)

Stefan Rubner, 2003-12-18

Thanks, fixed that.

Volker Weber, 2003-12-18

Well, looks like this:

21JAN04 DL8417 TXL-CDG 0955-1140
21JAN04 DL21 CDG-ATL 1330-1730

24JAN04 DL341 ATL-MCO 1725-1851

30JAN04 DL8201 MCO-ATL 1300-1429
30JAN04 AF0301 ATL-CDG 1620-0630
31JAN04 AF1434 CDG-TXL 0715-0900

see ya in Orlando

Alexander Kluge, 2003-12-18

See you in Orlando my friend.

Bruce Elgort, 2003-12-18

The only risk is that switching through Atlanta's airport can be even *worse* than through Frankfurt (I swear I've had to walk 2 miles at Frankfurt). Bags will be checked through but sometimes you might have a 25-40 minute adventure between gates at Atlanta.

phil, 2003-12-18

140 minutes should be enough for immigration, customs and transfer. This may even work with a one hour delay. Atlanta actually has always worked very well for me after the Olympics. 63 minutes the other way is a bit steep. But there are more flights going both ATL-FRA and ATL-MCO in case something goes wrong.

For the curious, no, I am not going to spend another week in Orlando. Shall not be there before the 24th. Last year we enjoyed Sanibel. This particular small hotel seems to be very much sold out this year though. Suggestions anyone?

Volker Weber, 2003-12-18

I prefer
Orlando, Sanibel Island and Ft. Lauderdale by car

See you in Orlando

Olaf Boener, 2003-12-18

140 min are defintely enough to immigration, customes + transfer but unfortunately not enough for an additional round trip to the gold club... good thing it´s closed during daytime. :-)

dietmar, 2003-12-18

Do remember that if you have a visa (as opposed to travelling under the visa waiver programme) that you will additionally have to allow time for them to photograph and fingerprint you, the new US-VISIT scheme starts January 1.

Simon Phipps, 2003-12-19

Oh, dear. Something is going wrong. Very, very wrong. If it continues this way I may stop going there indefinitely.

I used to have a visa some 20 years ago. In the last 10 years I have been travelling under the visa waiver program. My passport is full of those INS stamps. Never had any difficulties at all.

Let's hope they have enough personell to get the necessary documents processed.

Volker Weber, 2003-12-19

I'm travelling on Jan 6 (heading out early before LinuxWolrd NY) so I'll let you know what the extra delay is like. I too use the Visa Waiver program & US-VISIT doesn't apply to that.

Simon Phipps, 2003-12-19

Looks like we see all the geeks in Orlando again check for votes for this years cult shirt ;-)


Daniel Nashed, 2003-12-20

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