Is your fan constantly on after the 10.3.2 upgrade?

by Volker Weber

Some people report that with the original Powerbook 12" (887 MHz) the fan never stops running while on AC power. This keeps the machine cooler but also noisier. It looks like this is the cause:

In MacOS X 10.3.2 a few System Extensions handling the temperature readout and the fan control have been changed. To be more precise, the fan turns on when the CPU temperature reaches 51 degrees C (64 before) and turns off again when it falls below 47 degrees (57 before). As a result, on some PowerBooks the fan does not turn off at all after the update, most notably the PowerBook 12". This might be just a bug, but probably it's Apple's answer to the temperature problems these models have (in hot weather, the palm rest gets too hot to touch).

You can get back to the old behaviour, if you must, with this fix.


Too true - our 12" PB runs the fan much more now than before. Nice to know there is a workaround - Thanks.

John Keys, 2003-12-19

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