Belle de Jour wins a blog award

by Volker Weber

One of my favorites has won the best written category in the The Guardian's second British blog awards:

The winner in this category however is Belle de Jour, the diary of a London call girl. There's obviously a prurient and titillating element, but the quality of her writing took her blog well beyond that. Some judges were concerned it was a work of fiction, but even if it is, it remains an impressive piece of writing.

As Bruce Sterling, one of the judges said: "Archly transgressive, anonymous hooker is definitely manipulating the blog medium, word by word, sentence by sentence far more effectively than any of her competitors. It's not merely the titillating striptease aspects that are working for her, but her willingness to use this new form of vanity publishing to throw open a great big global window on activities previously considered unmentionable ... She is in a league by herself as a blogger."

Interesting side note: Rob Gardiner won the best use of photography category with this picture. I reminds me very much of a picture I took at Tate Modern after Simon recommended the place. This is one extreme art installation by Olafur Eliasson. Go take a look when in London.

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it's well-deserved, i'm addicted to her blog after finding out about it here some months ago

alexei, 2003-12-22

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