Sametime on a Mac

by Volker Weber

David Schaeffgen announces version 0.2 of his Sametime client for MacOS X:

I am proud to announce the second publicly available alpha version of Mercury for Mac OS X. The v0.2 release contains basic functionality as described in the previous release along with some new items which allow users to auto-connect on launch, auto-reconnect, and auto-idle. Users are encouraged to download the client, use it, and I would love to hear from you about any issues that you may run into. This is the first release so there are bound to be bugs. Mercury should run just fine on either Jaguar or Panther. If there is interest I may look into supporting older versions of OS X, at the moment 10.2 and 10.3 are the only operating system versions supported. The icons and buttons used in this version are a bit rough, but they should be getting better in the future as I have a much more talented artist working on revising and enhancing them. For the technically enclined out there the client is written mostly in Objective-C using some Java code to bridge the gap from the client logic, to the Sametime toolkit provided by IBM. It has proved to be a versatile and powerful combination. Welcome to Mercury, attempting to give Mac OS X users a first class Sametime experience one line of code at a time!

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Looks great so far. Are groups supported? The client didn't pick up a group I have stored in my buddy list, and I can't seem to add any.

Greg Walrath, 2004-01-06

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